Thursday, October 19, 2006

Boo Rain. Yay concert!

First of all: *ahem*


Now then.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new movie Borat. I really want to like it because it looks like it'll be funny and quite possibly the nice, cutting satire America needs to see. However, I really really don't care for Sacha Baron Cohen. That's not entirely true, I suppose. I liked him in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Da Ali G. Show, though, made me want to jab hot pokers in my eyes and pour battery acid in my ears. Several people I know liked the show and I tried really hard, but couldn't make it through an episode.

Anyway, back to Borat. I have been reading about the movie and the commercials make me giggle, but so did the commercials for the Disney/Pixar abomination Cars. There's a movie that had good things going for it (star power, a good comedian, shut it. I like Larry the Cable Guy sometimes.) and still managed to suck. I didn't even see all of the movie and I know it sucks.

Anyway, Borat. I want this movie to be good. I almost need this movie to be good to counteract all the crap that has been coming out of Hollywood recently. The Grudge 2 for example. I personally think they should've just named it Grudgier. Just make the name as ludicrous as the film. Really. The flagship of movies that don't need sequels. A short list:
The Grudge, The Neverending Story (even though the name leads you to believe there should be), Jeepers Creepers, Jurassic Park, Pet Sematery, Sometimes They Come Back, Cheaper by the Dozen, etc.

But, we're talking about Borat. Right. Apparently, Sacha Baron Cohen has been taking flak from the Kazakhstani government for his portrayal of the country. Huh. So sorry we made fun of you please dont nuke us. See there, see how I made fun too? Please dont nuke me.

You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see a movie about the retarded things that go on in a library. I mean, we've seen the lives of State Troopers in Super Troopers, and we've seen the inner workings of the restaurant Shenanigans in Waiting... and we've even seen how Space Camp works in Space Camp. Why not a library movie. Maybe I'll make that one.

Right, but we were talking about Borat.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Sweet Gamecube, I hardly knew ye.

Got this today. I saw that it had come out, read some reviews and gave up denying that I was going to buy it. The Good and Bad news is that I traded my GameCube and games for it.

Now, here's the thing about the GC. I hadn't played it in months. No joke. The last time was when Mr. Echols and Rich and I played Mario Kart and before that I can't remember when the last time was. On the other hand, I loved my Cube. That's the bad part. I miss it. Even though Nintendo abandoned the GC long ago and I hadn't so much as popped the lid in months, I miss it.

Oh well, it was still a good trade. All told I got $81. I bought the wireless guitar controller and put $21 down on Guitar Hero 2. Word.

Now, I also traded Lego Star Wars II for the DS. I just bought it Saturday. Don't listen to the reviews. Want to know why I traded it? It sucked. I liked Lego Star Wars I. I had fun with it. The DS port of the second game was just completely broken. In a bad way. Your characters would disappear from the screen, backgrounds (and some objects in the foreground) would black out periodically, I had as much luck thinking at the controls as I did when touching them, and it just plain wasn't fun. At all. I thought I'd give it more time yesterday to wow me, so I played around with the character "creation" section. You could combine different lego parts of characters into one and it was amusing making "Commander Skybacca", but it got old in about 10 mintues, too. It's not a quirky, fun game. I hated this game. Unfortunately. I really hope the console versions are better, but I won't be buying any of them, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, enough ranting. I have to tough out a day at work until 8:00 tonight before I can go play with the new toy.

Time to check-out. (ha. library humor.)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Autobots vs. Saddam Hussein

So, I saw this. Once you read the story, or even the headline, you can't tell me you didn't think about this:

Can't you just picture the world in which Saddam didn't use toxic gases on his people and instead used his reconnaissance video to crush peoples heads a la Kids in the Hall? Can't you just see him sitting on his throne (of blood, bones, whatever...Probably just a regular throne) crushing the heads of foreign heads of state? I can and the image is hilarious.

Now. The Transformers movie. Go here to see designs of Optimus Prime. Personally I think he looks pretty bad-ass. I'm not sure how I feel about his paintjob, but not bad, I say.
Here are the designs (supposedly) for Megatron. WTF, mate? He looks more like an alien from Halo than a Decepticon. Again I say WTF? This design I'm not fond of. I agree that Megatron turning into a gun that has to be fired by another Decepticon probably wouldn't work for the movie, but this is just...I don't even have words.

I am such a nerd.

That's all.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Of puppies.

I think I'd said I'd not use this blog for personal things. Usually that's what my LiveJournal is for, but I'm too excited!

Our New Puppy!

His name is Wash (as in Hoban "Wash" Washburn, Alan Tudyk's character from Firefly/Serenity.

The Wash man eateth

The little guy

Is he not adorable?
And expensive? Grr on the vet bills.

Anyway, that's all I've really got for you today. We're going out of town until probably tomorrow. Maybe Monday, but mostly likely tomorrow.

Good morning being woken up by the new little one. At 6am, 7am and 8am. :-)


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I came, I saw, I kicked its ass!

I am referring to the defeat of The New Super Mario Bros. At around 11:55 last night I managed to defeat Bowser Jr. and his dad big Bowser in the same boss battle to rescure Princess Peach once again. Seriously. Do you think maybe she can stay saved for about 10 minutes this time? Probably not. And even if she does, no one gets to relax because in Super Princess Peach Mario gets himself kidnapped and Peach has to go get him. Turn about is fair play, I say.

Anyway, back to the original purpose of the post. Bragging. I won. Oh yeah. I beat it. Ha ha.
Seriously, I think I deserve a medal. This game is hard. as. balls. Brass ones. The last boss fight wasn't so bad. There was a definite pattern that once you figured it out, there you go. The rest of the game was bloody difficult, but awesome.

If you're a Mario fan, buy a DS and this game. If you're not a big Mario fan, maybe not. It's more of the Mario formula with a few new ideas.

Anyway, I'm working until 2:00 today and then I'm totally going to buy Starfox Command. Starfox back to his roots. Flying and blowing stuff up. I. can't. wait!


Monday, August 28, 2006

A sad day.

I had a totally different blog ready to post today, but I have to do this instead.

Move over Gabriel. Maynard Ferguson, legendary trumpeter and last of the great big band players, has died.

I was fortunate enough to see Maynard Feguson perform at, of all places, the Jefferson County High School gym. There was no air conditioning and the acoustics were, well, gymnasium acoustics. Despite that Maynard Ferguson and his Big Bop Nouveau Band absolutely owned that night. It was amazing. I had never heard anyone play a trumpet like that before. Not only was he an amazing player, but he was a nice guy. After a 3 hour set, punishing his whole body in the heat; lips made raw by the mouthpiece; he hung out and signed autographs for anyone that wanted them. He also took the time to talk to anyone, especially the music students present, who wanted to ask questions. I was so awestruck that I had nothing to say. One of my few regrets.

It is a sad day, indeed.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A little self-promotion never hurt nobody, neither.

Neither did a triple negative. Hah.

Not much tonight. Nothing funny or gross or scary or anything, just some pictures.

Right Here.

That is all ladies and gentlemen. So Say We All.

Dead on Display.

Today, boys and girls, we're going to learn about plastination.
The Bodyworlds Site will tell you all you need to know.

What happens is that people donate their bodies to the newly formed institute and are partially dissected; they are posed and a layer of clear plastic is placed over them to preserve the tissues. Then the bodies go out on display. This display is currently touring the US in limited engagements. I'll let you all decide what you think. Personally I think it has great potential for Anatomical study and I just plain think it's kind of cool. I have to say, I'm sorely tempted to donate my body, assuming they'd have it.

Here's an introductiony kind of video to the exhibit and procedure.

There are other videos on the subject at Youtube.

Would you do it?